Woman of the Week: Reesha

Hello and welcome back to my “Woman of the Week” feature. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about then maybe you’d like to check out my first one here. To quickly sum it up, it’s a feature about women who inspire and encourage me.

Without further ado, my second Woman of the Week post goes to another former housemate – Reesha: Booker reader and tea-drinker extraordinaire.

IMG_0469I admire Reesha so much because she’s a go-getter. She gets involved with stuff and throws her heart and soul into it. Whether it’s working for a charity or doing a business module on top of her ridiculous amounts of reading she has for her English Literature course, or even posting on her fantastic blog (shameless plug – read it here!) she gives it all she’s got. Spend half an hour with her and you realise she’s the kind of woman who’s going places.

Unlike some students who love their subject and only their subject, Reesha also takes an interest in a wide variety of other things like politics and economics. She makes me want to broaden my knowledge of the world and be a bit of a girl boss, just like her.

Just this summer she beat hundreds of other students to get an internship in a rather well established business (no, I won’t tell you where, you nosey parker, you…) Reesha, an English Lit student at Sheffield University, got picked for an internship to do with numbers over a bunch of guys who study Economics at Cambridge (true story!).

Reesha, if you’re reading this, I honestly couldn’t be prouder of you, your entrepreneurial spirit and your go-getter attitude. I can’t wait to see you conquering the world someday!

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Woman of the Week: Georgina

I’m a big fan of people encouraging each other. As I’ve written about here, our culture focuses a lot on complimenting people, especially women, based on their looks instead of on who they actually are. So I wanted to start a new uplifting tradition called “Woman of the Week” here on my blog. Sometimes these people will be people I actually know, and other times they will be people from history or the bible. Either way, I hope you and I both can be inspired by these amazing women.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my best friend at university, Georgina. We met at the Christian Union picnic during Fresher’s week. Someone told me that she was going to study German like and I freaked out in excitement about finding another christian on my course, running up to her and shouting “You do German!” in her face. First impressions are definitely not my forte. Despite this, something stuck, and we became best friends. She’s managed to even survive living with me this past year and has even made me her Maid of Honour when she gets married to her fioncé Steve next year!


One of our many selfies together – she is known as a selfie queen!

So why is she my woman of the week? Well first of all, she is a kind and servant hearted woman. Whether it’s doing extra washing up, tidying or offering to make someone a drink or a meal when they’re stressed, she serves people with her whole heart. Over the past year I’ve seen her grow in that respect so much. She also seems to have a second sense to know when people are hurting and is the first to be there for someone who needs a friend. She’s the kind of person you can call at 3am because you need a friend and she’ll be there for you without complaining.

On top of that, she’s devoted to God. Every day she challenges and encourages me in my faith in God. If I tell her I have a problem, one of the first things that comes out of her mouth is “Well have you prayed about it?”. She’s great at encouraging me through what God’s been teaching her personally, and I know she does the same for others too. She consistently shows me that she’s not just a “christian”, but someone who truly believes and follows Jesus with her heart, mind and soul.

So Georgina, I thought I’d let you know that I’m grateful for you and who you are encourages me each and every day!