Just a bit of e.l.f. hauling…

When I first got into makeup and more specifically the online beauty community, one of the big brand names going around was elf, otherwise know as eyes lips face. Known for good quality, affordable products, I had an online shopping basket tab full of their products open for quite a long time. However since I’m not very into online shopping, I never bit the bullet and actually bought any of their products.

So imagine my surprise when wandering around Aix-en-Provence I found an e.l.f. store. One of about 5, my nearest being in Cardiff, it felt totally strange to just happen upon one, especially when I was craving some makeup after my makeup less backpacking trip around Europe!


Thomas said this was my reaction…

Going into the shop, I limited myself to 4 products, and came out having only spent about €15 in total, steal!

Here’s what I bought…

First of all, this 32 colour eyeshadow palette because I wanted ALL THE COLOURS. Obviously.

I haven’t really been able to pass much judgement on the palette itself really because I have no brushes with me. Ladies who are able to use the little shadow applicators that come with palettes, I salute you. My only comment so far would be that opening it, it smelt slightly like the cheap Claire’s makeup I bought as a pre-teen. But the colour payoff on the shadows seemed pretty good.

I also bought an eyeshadow stick in a pinky champagne colour and the verdict so far is that I like the dewy/sparkly appearance that it gives to my eyelids. I can’t notice much colour but that’s probably because it’s such a light colour anyway.

Next up, their eyebrow duo. I have to admit that I’m a matte eyeshadow and angled liner brush girl when it comes to my brows usually, but this product has so far impressed me. I like the gel’s consistency, it’s not too thick or heavy, but it holds my scraggly eyebrows in place well, and the shadow with it is great for a bit of extra staying power. My only negative would be that I don’t really like the little brush with it, but I’m more than happy to just use my own.

And last but not least, a trio of summery nail polishes. Thomas actually chose this trio for me but I think it was probably my favourite too, I was just too indecisive to make my mind up! So far, I’m a big fan of these nail polishes. They’re less expensive than other polishes I’ve bought and a relatively similar quality to my more expensive ones too. They’re a big thumbs up from me.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchases! Have you tried any of their products?

Tip Tuesday: Iron-free Ironing


Product Punch-up: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation vs. Serum

I thought I’d give a bit of a comparison review today. I’ve been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation regularly for the past couple of years and really love it, but I’m running out of it and they only had the serum version at my local Boots so I thought I’d give it a whirl! Let’s get into it…

Feel: Neither foundations feel heavy on the skin, but the serum feels like pretty much nothing on the skin, which if you’re anything like me is awesome!

Coverage: Now coverage is a difficult thing to judge as everyone has different preferences. The foundation has higher coverage, but still on the medium spectrum, whereas the serum has a lighter coverage, more similar to what I’d expect from a tinted moisturiser for example.

Finish: Both are fairly naturally dewy (dewy not shiny!), however I prefer the serum as it looks more natural… and I’m definitely a natural girl at heart

Application: Now hear is where the serum really wins for me, it applies like a dream and is really easy to blend.

Smell: Both have very fruity smells, however the foundation smells slightly more tropical and the serum smells more like forest fruits.

I think if I had to pick which I’d take to a desert island I’d definitely pick the serum, just because it’s gorgeously natural!

Have you tried either? Both?

#NOTD Natural Days by MUA, and my life right now!

If I had to post a picture of my life right now… this would be it
Revision, revision, and exams… It’s Dutch that I’m revising above!
To me times like these call for natural, no fuss nails… the kind that you can chip a little bit and it’s not super obvious! So enter MUA Natural Days! I love this colour because it’s girly and natural and isn’t likely to clash with anything I wear (hint: leggings and a hoody, hey I’m revising!)
If you fancy reading about MUA nail polishes in general, and they really are amazing, then I’m leaving a little link here.
Until next time,