My Year Abroad Diary: A Catchup Diary

Hello there you! Long time no see, eh? I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last published a blog post. It’s been 4 weeks… 4 WEEKS?! How on earth does time pass by so quickly I wonder? Life has been crazy and strange, and nothing like I expected it to be. Over the past few weeks I’ve really learnt what it means to say “The Joy of the Lord is my strength” and really mean it.

Work has been really busy with mail outs and I’ve actually really loved doing that. I’m even getting to the point where I go to the post office and I’ve got the french postal system so down that the slightly extremely grumpy lady who works there doesn’t get mad at me which is a miracle in its self. Trust me, french may be the language of love but it doesn’t sound very nice when it’s angry!

I’ve also spent a lot of time hanging out with some pretty cool people from church. It’s making me realise all over again how important church family is and should be to me. I’m so overwhelmed sometimes by how great it is to be surrounded by people who ask continually “well have you prayed about it?” and thank God openly for every great thing in their lives. Plus y’know, yay for friends. Friends make everything better.


Don’t ask me what I’m doing. I’m just a very awkward person 🙈

I also got to go home for the weekend to see my family who I miss a lot. Whilst I was there my sister got baptised which was great to see!


Action shot 📸


I think Dad made a joke…

This week I went to housegroup as usual, had Fatou over for dinner one night and went to Fatou’s for dinner another night. It’s been really lovely to be so busy and I’m also really grateful to Fatou for being such a lovely friend.


Chef extraordinaire 👌🏽

This weekend I also got to go for lunch with my friend from Switzerland, Coralie who was visiting people in the area. It was so nice to see her again, and to have the chance to show someone around my current home!


Told you I’m awkward! 😂

I guess that’s all I really want to say honestly. Please pray that God would continue to show me how to delight in Him and find peace during difficult times (and also thank him for what he’s done already). I would also really appreciate prayer for my essays as work for those is pretty full on at the moment!

Alors, à la prochaine,

Abi xx


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