My Year Abroad Diary: Morocco?!

Hey there! Guess who went on holiday to Morocco?!

As I write a “year abroad update” each week I thought it would only be right to write about it here on my blog. Morocco has to be one of the most incredible places I’ve visited. Everywhere you go, even in the middle of the wilderness the views take your breath away. I did so many things last week that I’d never even imagined doing and I feel so lucky to be able to experience it all. Instead of rambling on about what I did, I thought this week I’d let some pictures speak for themselves…


A tiny little side street in Marrakech

Didn’t expect to see snow in Morocco…

I’m just a bit obsessed with mountains…


I think the main thing I loved about this view was the contrasting colours – the gorgeous orange with green…

It’s that red colour again!

The world comes alive at sunrise…

Fun fact: I saw a bunch of sheep crossing that road as if it was a perfectly normal thing to do…

I have no words.

Camel selfie fail…

Cutest hotel ever…

I tried Quad Biking for the first time whilst I was there! It’s safe to say I have no natural talent at it, I kept on crashing into things and screamed every time I went down a steep hill!

Sassy the Camel – I think he’d got the hump!

Trying to capture the atmosphere of Marrakech in the evenings – incredible!

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

When the wall is more attractive than you’ll ever be!

Such an ornate building!


One of the many mosques in Marrakech…

I was very excited to be in a horse-drawn carriage, but honestly I think this photo just sums up the entire trip!

I loved my time in Morocco. There is something so refreshing in experiencing a culture so drastically different to your own. I wore long skirts and floaty trousers. I didn’t wear makeup. I ate with my right hand (and spilt food everywhere as a consequence – leftie problems!). Experiences in life change us, and I feel like for me at least, that’s a really good thing. The memories of Morocco will stay with me for years to come.

Now back to reality,

Abi xx


2 thoughts on “My Year Abroad Diary: Morocco?!

  1. remaher says:

    The Atlas mountains look stunning! I’ve only ever visited Morocco for a day (Tangiers) from Spain, but after seeing your photos (and reading another blogger’s post on Fez) I feel it’s a place that needs revisiting!


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