My Year Abroad Diary: I’m in France!

Bonjour! I arrived in France on Thursday and since then I’ve been so busy that I thought it was time for a little update…

I left England hellishly early on Thursday morning and flew to Basel, where some of my new work colleagues came to meet me. Together we went into Basel for a bit of a look around, a bit of shopping and lunch. Basel’s a crazy city, because although it’s technically in Switzerland, it’s really on the border of Germany and France too. It’s also always lovely to get to know people that you’re going to work with in a more relaxed way so it was great to do.

The Rathaus (getting in a final bit of German!)


The church/cathedral thing

Goes to France, ends up in Switzerland – what went wrong?

 When we got to Besançon, they helped me to do things like buying a SIM card and a bus pass. When I say help, I basically mean they did it for me as I seemed to have forgotten every single word of french that I’d ever learnt! I did kind of try to keep up with some french whilst in Germany, but evidently it didn’t go so well. Just hoping I don’t forget German now… This also meant that I got to have a look around Besançon a bit and I’m already in love with the place. It’s by no means a big city, but it’s very french and doesn’t feel to small!

Then we went to meet the people I’m staying with, a lovely retired/nearly retired couple from the local church. They’re really lovely, welcoming and friendly so all is good there. They also are pretty good at taking the time to talk to me in French which is awesome. I can feel myself improving already which is really cool.

The next day I slept in really, really late because I was exhausted but when I arose from my slumber Gérald gave me a tour of the village that they live in and the countryside surrounding it. It was so beautiful, and the weather was incredible too. I felt so lucky to be able to live here for the next few months. After that, we went to the huge supermarket to buy food and stuff like shampoo that I needed. France seems to love huge supermarkets, definitely worried I’ll get lost in one at some point over the next few months.

On Saturday I spent the day with some work colleagues again and their family. We went to the citadel on the hill that overlooks Besançon. Once we’d hiked up to the top of the hill we had a picnic, followed by a wander around the zoo there. I love families and being in that kind of company so it was a great way to settle a bit more into my new home in France.

C’est magnifique


View of Besançon from the Citadel

On the way to the Citadel…

 Sunday was time for church. As I’m living with people from church it was really great to know that I could go there and know it wouldn’t be weird. I know it sounds strange, but in Sheffield I had such a large choice of churches that I really struggled finding one in Germany. But problem solved, 3 days in and I’d found a great church. Checkkkk.

After the church meetings, a bunch of the young people from church were going to eat together and they invited me. We spend the afternoon eating, praying and spending time together before going to the cinema in the evening to watch Divergent 3 together. I was kind of amazed by the way that they adopted me, but really relieved too. I’m looking forward to getting to know them better over the next few weeks!

Well, that’s all for now! If you’re praying for me, please first of all thank God for how well my first few days have gone but also pray for him to give me energy and strength. It’s a lot to take in, meeting new people, speaking a foreign language and getting to know my surroundings. I get lost a lot!


Abi xxx


2 thoughts on “My Year Abroad Diary: I’m in France!

  1. remaher says:

    Lovely photos of Basel- I visited a few times as I spent my year abroad in Alsace 🙂 Besançon is beautiful – Victor Hugo’s house is there and it’s free entry on Sundays if you haven’t been yet. Enjoy your time there!


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