My Year Abroad Diary: A Visit from my Family

Hello there, I hope that if you’ve been on half-term that it’s been as lovely as mine was! This past week I’ve had my family from England here visiting, which has been great because it’s meant I’ve had people to be all touristy with!

On Monday I spent the day preparing for their arrival and also Lena’s birthday which meant a fair bit of tidying and shopping. After a delayed flight due to the fog, they got here in the evening just in time for some typical German grub at the Gasthof they were staying in.

On Tuesday after such a long day of travelling, we had a bit of rest day. I showed my family around Weingarten (which takes under 2minutes honestly!) and we visited Weingarten’s main attraction, the Basilika. It looks impressive from the outside, but honestly the inside blew me away, it was absolutely gorgeous!

Weingarten Basilika

Weingarten Basilika

Then we popped across to nearby town Ravensburg where after a wander around it’s streets, we stopped for a coffee. The rest of the day was spent chilling at mine before heading out for dinner in the evening.

Family selfie in the cafe!

On Wednesday we headed to Friedrichshafen and went to the Zeppelin Museum there. Despite me feeling really ill, it was really interesting! In the afternoon we wandered around and did some shopping, before catching this beautiful sunset across the Bodensee.

Friedrichshafen’s Zeppelin Museum

Sunset over Friedrichshafen

Sunset in Friedrichshafen feat. Mum and Dad

Sister time!

What a sunset!

On Thursday we went to the town of Konstanz. Konstanz is an interesting town if only because you get there by boat. It’s beautiful and old, but for me the real winner was its harbour. Walking around the lake’s edge, we even crossed briefly into Switzerland!

I think by this point we were in Switzerland!

The border between countries is marked by strange looking metal symbols, way better than a fence!

And then on Friday we visited the beautiful lakeside town of Lindau, one of my favourite places in the world. I stayed there during a German exchange about 9 years ago and I absolutely fell in love with the place (and especially it’s ice cream!) so it was so great to go again!

A blue lake, with an even bluer sky!

Is it just me or does this photo look painted?

Sometimes grey skies are pretty too!

The harbour was kind of taken over by a fun fair!

From Lindau we then drove into Austria and up a huge hill with a gorgeous view both down to the lake, and across to the alps. Sadly the photos don’t do it a huge amount of justice but it was awesome!

Looking across Austria to the Alps

Sunset over the lake as we were driving down!

Saturday meant it was time to say goodbye to my family, but also time to say hello to another friendly face, my boyfriend Thomas! (But I’ll be saving that for my next post!)

Until then,

Abi xx


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