10 things before I’m 20.

In just over 2 months I’m turning 20. Yeah, 20… I know that being 20 doesn’t particularly mean anything except a new number, but with the whole summer in front of me before then, I thought I’d write a list of things I’d love to achieve over the summer. I’m totally a list person, I find them so motivating!
1) Get into the habit of regularly spending more quality time with God.
2) Finish reading “Le diable s’habille Prada” aka a french copy of The Devil Wear Prada.
3) Find an awesome 18th Birthday present for my sister’s birthday in August.
4) Experiment and find some new cheap, healthy dinner recipes. Pasta and Noodles can only go so far…
5) Bake Brownies for Judy. She’s awesome, always been there for me and totally deserves some.
6) Exercise 6 times a week for between 1/2 an hour and an hour. I’ve been doing this a while, but really don’t wanna get lazy with it now I’m home from uni for the summer.
7) Go charity shop shopping to find awesome things for the house next year. I would love to find some tea/coffee/hot chocolate pots!
8) Upload blog posts more regularly. I love doing it, I just want to be more consistent!
9) Get better at saving things. This blog post is the second thing I’ve accidentally not save and lost in two days, ridiculous!
10) Find little ways to show love to the people I care about. I want to be someone who shows people that I care about them, and why not start now!
Woah, this seems like a lot, I hope I can achieve all of them! Have you got any things you want to achieve this summer?

The One About Growing Up

A week today, I will be preparing for my first day at work. After 19 years of life, I finally have what I like to call a “grown-uppy office job” Mature, I know. Despite this job, in reality, only being a part-time summer temp job, I can’t help but feel hella grown-up. The idea of being professional and mature excites me to no end.

Which makes me wonder, when on earth did I become an adult? Sure, I’ve been living independent from my parents for a year now at uni. But I just don’t get it. Even just yesterday, on holiday with my family I reverted back to a younger version of myself… Daddy, pleeeease can we get the big curly sausage? Despite that, it feels like I’ve suddenly entered the world of adulthood, and even though inwardly I feel the same as I did at age 14, people seem to be treating me as an adult. Trust me, it’s weird.

Maybe growing up is just a thing that kind of happens. Silently, without you realising, you change from the little girl you used to be, to the woman you’re going to be. And maybe that’s okay. Maybe it’s better that we have no idea that it’s happening, ’cause if we did, we’d cling tighter to all the things we’re leaving behind, instead of being excited for what’s to come. But growing up doesn’t always have to mean moving on, somethings will forever remain. I will always secretly want to be a famous rapper, I will always think my mum’s lasagne is the best lasagne in the world, and I will always, always choose the most chocolatey pudding on the menu. It’s kinda what makes me, me.

I think growing up is a good thing. I just hope that “past girl me” has helped “present me” to become the kick-ass, strong, independent woman that I one day hope to be.