#NOTD Natural Days by MUA, and my life right now!

If I had to post a picture of my life right now… this would be it
Revision, revision, and exams… It’s Dutch that I’m revising above!
To me times like these call for natural, no fuss nails… the kind that you can chip a little bit and it’s not super obvious! So enter MUA Natural Days! I love this colour because it’s girly and natural and isn’t likely to clash with anything I wear (hint: leggings and a hoody, hey I’m revising!)
If you fancy reading about MUA nail polishes in general, and they really are amazing, then I’m leaving a little link here.
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I wish I’d seen this when I was younger…

Hey guys! I thought I’d write an off-the-cuff slightly deeper post. I was watching youtube videos whilst doing a bunch of boring filing work, and stumbled across this awesome youtuber called justkissmyfrog.

All her videos are brilliant, (click on her name above to check her channel out!) but this one really struck me. I wish I’d seen this at the age of about 13, when I went through a period of really questioning my looks, and asking the typical girl question, “Am I pretty?”.

This video I’ve linked below is possibly the most honest, sensible video on beauty I’ve ever seen… I’ll leave you to watch it. Click here to be linked to it on youtube!

It’s incredible how much sense this makes, right?
Now go subscribe to her!

#NOTD: Rimmel London Precious Stones – 001 Diamond Dust

You know that feeling when you put on sparkly nail polish and instantly feel glamourous? Yeah, this is it! Which is kind of rich coming from a girl sat with her hair up, no makeup on and in Christmas pyjamas… (they’re still acceptable, right?!)

Either way, today’s nails are Diamond Dust, from Rimmel London’s Precious Stones Collection. I love this polish because it’s not a bold colour, but the sparkle makes and impact. It’s also great that it doesn’t need a coloured base coat like so many other polishes, it’s a complete look by itself.

Are you a fan of glittery nail polish too? Please say you are!